Best Kid’s Train Set: VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Train Station Playset


Train sets for kids were popular in the mid-1900s, but the tradition of buying train sets for kids started in about 1920. In those days, people made their railway stations and railway accessories like station boxes, signal boxes, signals, and platforms.

Hornby patented its first train sets for kids with a train track in 1920. Although they were only clockwork toys, they were far more exciting than the previous wooden trains. By 1925 Hornby had his first electric train sets for kids on the market, but they were quite unsafe being powered by 100-250 volts.

In 1929, he brought out train sets for kids that would run on a 6 volts transformer, which were practically harmless.

That was the era when fathers caught the model railway bug as well because they ‘had’ to make sure the electricity was safe. Fathers were using the train sets for kids for themselves. Our toy railway set was a very solid, rather heavy ‘Flying Scotsman,’ I think, made by Hornby.

The carriages were well-build, and my four brothers, my father, and I loved to set up the train track, the railway station, bridges, fly-overs, the station guard, the signal box, and run the locomotives on it. We used to man the cross overs and stop lights just like the real thing.

VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Train Station Playset Review

Before we look at the features of the VTech train station playset, you should be aware that this toy is a best seller in Amazon.
If you want to get this playset as a Christmas gift for your kids or loved ones, you should buy it early so that you won’t be disappointed when it’s out of stock.

VTech Train Station Playset Features

  • Offer your child an excellent way to learn and play at the same time
  • Playset includes motorized train, electronic train station, tunnel, bridge and more for role-play
  • The motorized train is a SmartPoint vehicle that gives out fun phrases, music and sound effects when it reaches each SmartPoint location
  • Playset includes 1 SmartPoint train and cargo car
  • The train track consists of 32 interchangeable pieces.
  • It can be connected up to a distance of 15 feet.

Lots Of Learning And Playing Fun

The Go! Go! Smart Wheels Train Station Playset is a great pretend play for your kid. He or she can pretend to be a very young conductor. They ride together with the motorized train to explore and discover the playset.

As the train moves by the tracks, it gives out music and phrases at designated SmartPoint locations. There are a total of 10 SmartPoint locations. Each of them responds to different music and phrases for learning purposes.

The train station has many teaching features such as time concepts, different colors, and hears phrases in foreign languages (English, Spanish, French, and German). When the train reaches the foot of the hill, your kid learns motor skills by hand cranking the conveyor belt to help drive it up the incline. The SmartPoint train also interacts and engages your kid with three built-in sings-along songs.

The playset has 32 interchangeable track pieces for you to connect different setup for multiple plays. Also, there is compatible: Go! Go! Smart Wheels sets such as Construction Playset, Airport Playset, and Fire Station. Connect them to enhance the learning features and increase your kid’s creative mind.

Learn More About Go! Go! Smart Wheels

Go! Go! Smart Wheels playsets offer your kid fun and enjoyable way of learning throughout their growing years. Playsets use SmartPoint technology to enhance your child’s learning experience. All SmartPoint vehicles, such as the motorized train, have this built-in feature.

When the train moves and reached the designed SmartPoint locations, it will flash, play phrases, give out fun sounds, or even play sing-along songs. All these activities increase your child pretend play, and they also learn important skills at the same time. Each vehicle is unique and has its sound and songs.

Go! Go! Smart Wheels have a collection of more than 20 playsets and vehicles for you to add and play. So your child will have endless hours of fun and learning in their growing years to come.


  • A great educational toy that offers many stages of child development
  • Interactive toy with many songs and phrases
  • You can use other Go! Go! Smart Wheels vehicles on the track.
  • Can mix or add with other Go! Go! Smart Wheels sets by linking the tracks
  • Cute, colorful and durable set
  • Easy to assemble and put away


  • Batteries for the motorized train can drain very fast – It is recommended to use rechargeable AAA batteries and turn the switch on the train to “off” position after playing.


Overall this is an excellent interactive playset that triggers your child’s imagination and encourages creativity. Combine with other available playsets to widen their scope of learning and have unlimited fun. If your child likes or shown an affinity for trains, you should buy one for them because they love this toy.

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