Best Security Camera Systems For Home: Is It Arlo?

Securing your home or premises with a good security camera system is very important in the modern-day and age. Burglaries are consistently on the rise, and the police are not always the best at tracking your stolen goods and retrieving them for you; therefore, we recommend getting a security system in place. The security camera system can not only be used as evidence and a way to monitor your premises but also as a deterrence to would-be criminals from invading your home/business.

Here at the Best Security Camera System, we are dedicated to providing you the top security camera system reviews. As you can see from our name, we will help you find the best security camera system for your home or business. All of our reviews are unbiased, and we are not associated with any security organization, nor are we sponsored in any way.

Buying Guide For A Security Camera System

When choosing your security camera system for your home or business, it is important to consider the different features and factors that come with each system. Some camera systems are better designed for outdoors, indoors, large premises, or small offices. Below we will help you consider some important factors that you should look at before you decide to buy a security system.

Number of Cameras

Large premises or businesses will most likely require more than a single security camera; therefore, it’s important to consider how many cameras your system can handle. A small home will most likely only require 1 or 2 cameras, so a cheaper and easier to maintain the system is better suited.

Night-vision and Lighting

Night vision options are available for the vast majority of security systems. However, some operate better than others. Infra-red options allow the cameras to see in low light levels, and the more expensive cameras can record up to 100ft away while still maintaining the night vision. Settings are available to adjust to lighting conditions; you can select between full light, dim light, and no light options with most cameras. Some cameras have day and night time sensors, so they will automatically adjust to lighting levels, while others require a schedule or a manual change.

Indoor vs. Outdoors

Cameras differ for indoor and outdoor purposes. Outdoor cameras tend to be bulkier, durable, and built with high-grade materials to make them strong and resistant to criminals or thieves trying to break the camera. They are also resistant to weather elements such as rain, heat, and snow. You can also disguise the outdoor cameras in every day objects such as light fixtures and more, to keep them hidden and away from the reach of criminals.

Indoor cameras tend to be lighter and smaller with a compact build keeping them invisible as they blend in with the surrounding environment. The materials used to build them often tend to lean towards plastics and cheaper materials as they do not require such a robust and resistant build.

Wide Angles

A lens attached to your security cameras can help expand the field of view and allow you to view more of the surrounding area. Some lenses are specifically designed to be wide-angle and help you scope out a larger area. A good wide-angle lens will not distort the quality. However, some cheaper lenses may ruin the quality and cause some issues.

Best Security Camera Systems

Arlo Security System 2 HD Security Cameras With Night Vision

The Arlo Security system is free from wires. It provides HD quality imagery through its two camera systems, and the video is clear and visible to those watching it. It has an awesome motion detection system that can detect movement from people or other objects moving in a range—being able to send alerts to you while your traveling or away from home is one of the key features that makes this home security system such a fantastic piece of equipment to own. Night vision is also included so that you can feel safe while you sleep.

You can view the cameras through your computer or any Android device with their easy to use a smart app, allowing you to view the cameras wherever you are, and whenever you want.

The key features that you should note from this are: wire-free security camera system, excellent quality night vision, motion detection, works in any weather or climate.

Amcrest 960H Video Security System 4 HD Cameras With Night Vision

The Amcrest 960H security system is a fantastic camera network providing 4 HD cameras, with night vision that can record up to 65ft. Storage on the 960H is not an issue as it contains a 500GB hard drive, storing all of the recordings and data for weeks if not months on end.

The 960H can record day and night, maintaining surveillance in both the day and night is key as burglaries and criminals operate at all times of the day, so your security system has to stay on at all times. The individual cameras are high-resolution and fitted with a 3.6 mm lens each, so you can keep the viewing quality crystal clear. The lens has a 75 wide-angle view and a recording distance of 65ft so you can monitor all threats in the vicinity. The motion detection system works with a combined alert system; once motion is detected, a warning email is sent to the owner, and the camera begins recording. You can tune the cameras to meet your requirements and to stop false alarm alerts. You can monitor the cameras by a remote access system, from your computer or your smartphone.

The key features that you should note from this are a large storage size, night vision, remote access from smartphone and PC, fantastic customization options for the motion detection system.

Piper All-in-One Security Camera System

The Piper All-in-one system can replace a full security system with an amazing security camera, motion sensor, and alarm. The Piper system is perfect for home use or office use. The phone alerts are extremely helpful in figuring out if someone is where they shouldn’t be, and the motion sensors are perfect to place on doors or windows.

Remote access the camera via your smartphone, and with no fees for activation, installation, or over time the camera system has a very low barrier to entry and very easy to setup. The camera has a 180-degree field of view, providing you a complete view of the surroundings and the best security feature being the 105 dB siren, which will provide a very loud alarm to warn intruders.

The key features that you should note from this are 180-degree field of view, 105 dB siren alarm, HD camera, no fees, phone alerts via email, texts, and phone calls, full automation with motion sensors.

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