Best Trampoline Reviews: Skywalker vs. Jumpsport vs. Exacme


You can get any trampolines all kinds of shapes, whether you want circular, octagonal, rectangular, or in-ground. We have the largest variety of trampolines on our list, that come in different sizes, shapes to suit the varied age group people. Trampolines are GS, ASTM, PAHS, TUV, REACH safety and are quality certified to meet the international standards. If you want, you can gift a sky jumper on the occasion of the birthday of your child. The gift will be everlasting and fun-filled for sound health.

Considerations to Have When You Buy A Trampoline


This is the issue that most interests the parents when buying a trampoline. Although a lot of the purchases of the trampolines increase in an era of standard spring trampolines, six people jumping at the same time and surely without fencing, the safety of these has been perfected for some time.

Now spring-free trampolines, net fences, and a variety of pads are available to protect those models that do have springs. The safest trampoline will definitely be one that includes a fence to prevent children from accidentally falling outside.

Springs or Without Springs

A relatively new concept in the world of these products is those that do not contain springs. Anyone who has slipped between one of these springs should consider buying one free of them. I know how a child (and maybe guilty as an adult as well), I have jumped hard and come back hitting me with these springs. It is not very comfortable, especially for men and children.

Now this new concept, which is a radical new invention to the world of trampolines is available. Although they lack these springs, it is not a complete solution to provide security in these elastic products. Of course, it eliminates one of the most dangerous aspects, falling between one of these metals. These models are more expensive, but there are repair costs that are worth taking into account; you do not need to replace the springs or the mat.


Is the greatest always the best? Not necessarily. A smaller trampoline (to the exclusion of children and exercise) provides more than one bounce. Similarly, a larger trampoline provides significantly more surface to jump. This is crucial if you are like us and you can not keep adults off the trampoline.

In that case, you should consider a trampoline for adults. Although it is not recommended by us, nor by the manufacturers, those who decide to jump with multiple participants at the same time, or participate in elastic tricks; Acquiring one for the not so young is certainly a consideration to consider.

You will also need to consider where to store your acquisition. Make sure you have more than enough space in your yard if that is the place where you would like to accommodate your bouncing product. If you are interested in one of the water, you will want to consider how many jumpers you would like to have. In this case, you must also understand the weight limits of these products.

One last consideration is to make sure that the trampoline will be free of risks at the top; this to avoid damage to the face and top of the skull when impacting after a rebound.

Forms of Trampolines

Although this is part of a more personal choice, it is a consideration to consider. The available shapes vary from round, oval, octagonal, rectangular, and square.

  • Rounded trampolines: This is normally used in houses and is the most common. These trampolines are elastic near the center and normally lead the jumpers to stay close to the center when they jump. This type of design tends to be more economical and lighter than other models.
  • Oval and Octagonal: These are basically hybrids. They are larger and offer a larger jump area compared to rounded trampolines. They also tend to be more expensive than their round pairs. You will not find many available options of this type but there are a few.
  • Rectangular: Historically they have been used for gymnastics competitions because they offer a greater bouncing area in all their surface. They have to provide higher jump weights and a greater bounce area. Due to their size, they tend to be heavier and more expensive.
  • Squares: They are basically smaller versions. They usually provide a firmer rebound which means less weight capacity for the jump. You will discover that many infant trampolines are square, as well as several of the exercise trampolines.

Best Trampolines – Top 6 Reviews and Buying Guide

Trampoline is a fabulous way to stay active and is fun for the whole family. There are various models of trampolines found in different shapes, prices, and sizes. Finding the right trampoline, among so many can be tough.


With a round shape, the trampoline is 14 inches in diameter. When compared to a rectangular trampoline, it offers nearly 24% more jumping space. When you talk about the safety features, the trampoline carries an integrated safety enclosure backed by JumpSport Variable Bounce Technology. This superior technology fabulously impacts the safety of the trampoline device. It is owing to this technology that when you use the jumping device, certain springs tend to engage right away while others engage the split second later. We can compare JumpSport to a car airbag. The extra split second allows you to absorb its impact gradually. Even if you land on the trampoline awkwardly, there is less chance of injuring yourself. The trampoline puts less stress on the joints and knees, which is just great for the parents.


  • It also has the long-lasting jumping mat which is both water and UV resistant
  • The DD Sure-Lok mechanism can prevent the frame from twisting and deforming
  • There are high-performance springs of 8.5 inches long that are 96 in number. Such springs give an amazing bounce while lowering the impact on landing. The springs bear an amazing quality even to bear the bounce of an adult weighing 245 pounds. Even if anyone blast jumps, there is no fear of breaking the trampoline.
  • 9 inches heavy-duty frame constituted of pre-galvanized steel.
  • 35 inches of a tall jumping mat to facilitate softer landing and optimal clearance.
  • The integrated enclosure can also bear an impact of 295 pounds and tends to last longer than several other enclosures in the market.


Thus, it can be said that AlleyOop 14” VariableBounce can provide the whole family hours of fun.


Skywalker is the best-known brand in the realm of a trampoline, and this is why Skywalker 15-Feet Round model tops the list of the trampoline. Being safe, big, and affordable, it is the best option for the ones who are on a tight budget. Just like Alleyoop 14” VariableBounce Trampoline, the Skywalker 15 Feet Round also comes with the safety enclosure. The way the enclosure attaches to the jumping mat is simply incredible. Since there is the button-hole at the V-Ring, the enclosure of the trampoline attaches to the mat seamlessly. For those who have owned the trampoline in the past featuring an enclosure, they know that there is a gap between the top portion of the mat and the enclosure netting at the bottom. Indeed, the design of the trampoline enclosure eliminates the gap here. So, if there are no gaps in between, the safety gets automatically enhanced. There is no need to shudder when your kids bounce on the trampoline since they are fabulously protected from the head to the toe. Although the safety enclosure of the model of the trampoline is rattled over, the trampoline boasts quite many features in it.


  • Heavy-duty frame constituted of galvanized steel that is rust-resistant.
  • You will find 6W shaped legs to offer maximum stability
  • The reinforced T-Socket to prevent the frame from twists.
  • the round jumping surface carrying the diameter of 15 inches
  • The weight capacity is 200 pounds


If you think you cannot afford the AlleyOop, which is out of your price range, you can buy Skywalker 15” trampoline. The bounce is great, featuring amazing durability, safety enclosure. Kids can enjoy plenty of jumping space.


The Exacme 15-feet trampoline is not the same as the Skywalker model, which is reviewed previously. Only the enclosure design is different when we talk about the two models of the trampoline. Here you find both ladder features and an enclosure. The weight capacity of this model of the trampoline is 375 lbs. If you want a jumping mat that is perfect for you and your kids, you may easily go for Exacme-15 Feet Round. When you differentiate the Exacme 15-Feet model of the trampoline with that of Skywalker, the former has no interlocking enclosure. Here in the Exacme 15 feet model, ropes and straps tend to secure the net and fasten that to the jumping mat. But, still, the bottom of netting seamlessly wraps around the edge of the trampoline to eliminate those gaps. The design of the Exacme 15 feet model is not at par with the Skywalker model, but still, it is much beyond other kinds of trampolines available in the market.


  • 6 W-shaped legs offer maximum stability to the trampoline and more than ten contact points.
  • The heavy-duty frame which is made from galvanized and rust-resistant steel
  • Easy assembling where no drilling and tools are required
  • Adheres to several safety standards including GS, TUV, and ARSM.


For both kids and adults, this product is a great choice. It has high weight capacity, the product features a durable frame, secure enclosure.

The Ultega Jumper with Safety Net

Using a trampoline is not just meant for kids, but even adults love to bounce on the trampoline. Ultega is just perfect for both kids and adults. It has a 14-foot model, supports jumpers weighing around 200 pounds even. It is great to learn that you also find here the high spring count and safety net. When compared to the other models of trampoline reviewed before, the frame here is a bit different. It does not have a W-shaped leg but rather L-Shaped legs. The design of the trampoline is such that it adds to the stability but still carries four legs instead of 6. Here you also find an ultra-secure enclosure which is netted having eight padded poles for the increase of safety level. Since the netting is secured, the view is not obstructed. But, here, the only issue is getting inside the trampoline as you need to crawl. There are zippered openings to let you crawl inside the enclosure. For the adults, it may be a tight fit but not for the kids. Kids can easily get inside without any difficulty. The user of the trampoline can jump to his heart’s content. Although there is plenty of space inside the trampoline, still only one person should use this jumping mat.


  • The height of the frame is 35 inches.
  • The steel frame is galvanized, rust-resistant, and carries L-Shaped legs. So, the trampoline does not tip over owing to the superior design and making.
  • The mat here attaches to the frame with 88 springs


You may face some bit of problem in getting inside the enclosure, but still, the Ultega Jumper is loved by all. The model is affordable and sturdy featuring the netted safety enclosure.

Skywalker 15 Feet Rectangle With Enclosure

This one is the first and foremost Skywalker trampoline, which is rectangular. Indeed, it is best in the class trampoline where safety is the top priority laid by the designers. The model is very similar to that of Skywalker, offering unlimited fun to the user. It offers a great bounce and an exciting experience. Despite having a rectangular shape, the jumping space is not limited. The model is steady, sturdy, and very much balanced to offer you plenty of space to bounce around. Having a brilliant enclosure design and additional safety features, the top priority of Skywalker 15 Feet is safety. Just like the other model of Skywalker, this model has a netted enclosure which perfectly interlocks into the mat via a button size hole located at the V-Ring. Here you find no gap between the jumping mat and the netting since the enclosure itself is ultra-secure. The netting is comprised of polyethylene, and thus it is UV-Resistant and durable.


  • The spring pad very well attaches to the v-rings and frame with the help of stretch bands.
  • The steel frame is galvanized and is rust-resistant with T-Sockets to prevent twisting and to stabilize the structure.
  • The spring pad is UV protected and is filled with 1-inch thick foam for comfort and utmost safety.
  • The weight capacity is 250 pounds


The rectangular trampoline is pricier, but it is better than the Round one, which is reviewed earlier.

Jumpsport Alleyoop PowerBounce Rectangular With Integrated Safety Enclosure

Are you looking to buy the safest trampoline in the town? The AlleOop bounce is the best in the class. This trampoline offers the biggest kind of bounce. Being the priciest in the list of the trampoline, Alleyoop PowerBounce is the best among all. If you have a more budget, then this trampoline is meant for you.

You may be wondering what offers the Alleyoop PowerBounce this extent of bounce. It is the AlleyOop PowerBounce System, which renders the top bounce. The system of the trampoline is such that you may customize the very performance of the trampoline. How does the trampoline work? The AlleyOop PowerBounce Trampoline has assembly featuring two springs that are mounted to PowerArm fitting. In this, the upper spring gets attached to the V-Rings, and the lower one is attached to the PowerArm stages, namely, the top, middle, and the bottom.


  • Safety enclosures are durable and are of high quality
  • The frames are much taller to accommodate much higher bounces
  • The shape is rectangular
  • The pre-galvanized frame here carries the thickness of 2 inches.
  • The maximum weight capacity it can handle is 350 Pounds.


When you compare the quality of bounce you enjoy here with the other models, the quality of bounce is simply unmatched here. Both kids and adults will enjoy jumping here. If you are on a good budget, this trampoline is best for you.

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