Best Water Softener Filtration System Reviews: Is it Watts Premier?

What is the Difference Between Soft Water and Hard Water

Water plays an extremely important role in our daily lives. It hydrates us and keeps our bodies functioning properly. Without water, the cells and organs in our bodies would not be able to function optimally. Aside from the survival aspect, water also plays a role in supporting the distribution of nutrients to all areas of the body and aiding in digestion, even though the human body cannot digest it.

Fact: The human body can only survive 8-14 days without water. This fact is dependent on factors such as body size and overall health. Since the human body is 65% water, it stands to reason that survival without water is not possible.

Many cities have government implemented water treatment and filtration plants to maintain the safety of our drinking water. These plants make a concentrated effort to filter out the harmful and often dangerous organisms that can deter our bodies from working properly. Even with their strict guidelines for treatment and filtration, sometimes their efforts are not quite enough that leads us to wonder.

If your home has hard water, you may find that you spend more on soaps and detergents. The reason for this is hard water needs more soap or detergent for lather to form due to the hardened mineral deposits. If you have soft water, the detergents and soaps have a much easier time lathering up because the minerals have not hardened.

Another unfortunate side-effect of hard water is poorly running appliances. The heaters inside your coffee pot, for example, accumulate a scale build-up of mineral deposits that are not only unhealthy but can also make your coffee taste awful. Now, I don’t know about you, but I can’t stand my morning coffee, not tasting right. Not my idea of a morning pick-me-up!

Fact: Hard water takes more energy to come to a boil, hence making hard water more costly on your electric bill.

With the hard water facts in mind, soft water has its advantages. Soft water makes detergents and soaps easier to use and helps avoid scale build-up on appliances. These are not the only advantages. Soft water rinses soap residue a lot better from your clothing, body, hair, and scalp. This fact helps reduce the risk of dry skin, dry scalp, or dandruff.

Soft water also leaves fewer white spots on our dishes when they dry. These white spots are caused by mineral deposits in hard water being left behind during the rinse cycle. The fixtures in our homes also benefit, since soft water doesn’t contribute to the scale build-up in the fixtures or cause residue build-up on shower doors, walls, and in sinks.

I think it is safe to say that soft water wins, hands down. That being said, if you have hard water coming into your home, I would suggest investing in a good quality water filtration system for your home. Your home, body, and your pocketbook will thank you!

The Benefits of Soft Water

The benefits of having soft water versus hard water running through your pipes make a huge difference with everyday tasks. Maybe it is not something you have given much thought to, or you just figured that the detergents you use, or the personal care products you purchased were not working as they should and you switched brands. Perhaps some might consider such benefits useless, or deem the soft water versus hard water argument a matter of preference or choice. In the long run, though soft water can end up saving you time and money.

Those calcium deposits forming on your bathroom or kitchen sink will be a pain to get rid of. Not only will you have to spend time scrubbing, but finding the right product to treat the formed mineral deposits will also be time-consuming. With time these deposits can also wreak havoc on your faucets once they start forming an unsightly crust which, if not taken care of, will disrupt the water flow of not only your faucets but showerheads as well. You could render these issues a thing of the past if you install a water conditioner or water softener system in your home.

The benefits of having soft water will mostly be felt in appliances such as your dishwasher, washing machine, and for those that have witnessed mineral deposits spewing out of it, the clothing iron. Your dishwasher won’t be working as hard to rinse out the detergent used effectively. Since soft water is free of magnesium or calcium, it won’t react adversely with the ingredients in the detergent or rinse aid. Your dishes won’t be left with hard water spots, which you would eventually have to rinse off and dry manually. As far as efficiency in washing clothes, these will retain their color longer with soft water. When you have hard water, the mineral deposits adhere to the fabric, which ends up giving clothes a worn, faded, and drab look. Using soft water will eliminate this problem and keep your clothes looking newer for a longer time. Your appliances will not be rusting from the inside or clogging when using soft water since it prevents build-up of the minerals that are found in hard water.

Another of the benefits of having soft water is that it works much more effectively when used in the shower to not leave behind any shampoo residue on your scalp. Even when using the correct hair products, hard water will often leave a film behind that makes hair look flat and dull. When using soft water, you will get more suds without having to double the amount of shampoo you use to leave your hair clean. The same applies to body soap and washes as well. The lather produced by these products varies when using soft water versus hard water.

If you decide to make the switch to soft water, you will find that many of the nuisances associated with hard water will be gone. Plus, you will be saving time and money along the way. You will be using less of your favorite products to get the same tasks done, and you will not be wasting time cleaning the mess hard water is known to leave behind.

Water Softener Buying Guide

If you have considered buying water softeners, chances are you are fed up with the mess that hard water leaves in its path. While there are products available to get rid of surface stains on bathtubs and limescale build-up who wants to spend time doing that? This brief buyers guide will attempt to explain the types of water softeners available in the market to help reduce the traces of calcium and magnesium in your running water.

One of the most cost-effective water softener systems you can install in your home is the timer based systems. These will regenerate once or twice a week, depending on the set-up you have chosen. Most of these systems can be regenerated if you feel that the water is not as ‘soft’ as it should be. There are water softener systems that are fully manual if you don’t mind the hassle of regenerating the water whenever you feel it is necessary or recommended by the user manual. It may sound convenient, but everyone has such busy schedules these days, making an effort to spend a bit more will be worth it in this case. Just to compare, you can find manual water softener systems from $160 for non-electric to mid-range at $520 and up to $1,400 for the resin manual models. These resin models work by exchanging ions of either hydrogen, sodium, or potassium as they pass through the resin part of the water softener system. These systems come with a brine valve/tank, and brine is a solution composed of either sodium or potassium. Once this solution passes to the mineral tank, the process of water softening begins. If you do decide to use sodium (salt) as your solution of choice, be sure to check into how this will affect or differ from other solutions available to you. If you have any dietary restrictions, you might choose to go with a potassium or hydrogen solution for your water softener. There is a variety of salt-free water softeners for you to choose from as well. If you decide to look into the timer based models, you can find these water softening systems in the mid to high price categories as well starting at $555 to $1,500 for the pricier models. It will come down to your personal needs and the amount of money you are comfortable with spending on a water softening device.

For ultimate convenience, you can research the metered water softening systems. These types of water softeners can be programmed to your unique needs and are probably the most efficient since it regenerates based on how much water is used. The metered system takes out the guesswork that you would be subjected to with the timer and the Manual regenerating water softening systems. These models are a bit more expensive, with prices starting at around $590. The mid-price for these falls into the $800s, and the higher prices start at $1,100 and can go up to $1900. Besides comparing prices and models, you will also need to become familiarized with the maintenance and the costs involved with that as well.

Best Water Filtration System – Softener Reviews

Watts Premier 531130 Filter-Pure UF-3 3-Stage Water Filtration System – WQA Certified Review

The Watts Premier 531130 Filter-Pure UF-3 3-Stage Water Filtration System is recommended for people who prefer to drink water that comes out of a tap sink. You won’t have to worry about the fear of ingesting any harmful chemicals by drinking it. People who use water filtration systems quickly find out that it helps to remove foul-tasting odors and to remove bad chemicals along with better taste quality to drink safely. You will find it will reduce any fears of bacterial infection. There are “three stages” that are involved with the filtration system that is a unique process.

The Watts Premier 531130 Filter-Pure UF-3 3-Stage Water Filtration System involves the use of a five-micron sediment filter that follows a carbon block filter to remove the harmful effects of lead and other chemicals found in your water. There’s a heavy-duty filter that has several benefits, such as reducing lead and chlorine taste, along with odors. Lead poisoning is harmful to your body’s bloodstream, along with health issues, as scientists have done tremendous research finding out that kids can develop issues mentally, such as learning disabilities because of lead poisoning. Finally, the last stage is a standard home water pressure that pushes water through a sheet of film, preventing the issues of foul odors in your water. People who use water filtration systems are best suited to use it in their homes or apartment complex, even schools, libraries, and hospitals benefit from water filtration. It is a great economical alternative to purchasing water bottles. It clears all the harmful bacterium that is found in your drinking water that is safer to drink, use for washing clothes, and bath use.

Water filtration is safe for cooking, along with adding a filter to your water helps your washing machine by keeping your clothing white, which has a built-in softener to all the chemicals that are found in tap water is eliminated. People will find out that assembly is easy to install, as there is a simple process. People in the hospital can use filtered water without the risk of being infected. It takes contaminated water and restores it to safe drinking levels, and removes pesticides. People who have issues with their health would be slightly better to use filtered water. There are fewer chances of developing any bacterial issues with the chemicals involved, so your risk of getting sick is lowered. Untreated tap water is not only harmful to you, but it can also hurt others, such as plants and possibly your animals. Fruits and vegetables can be safely eaten that have recently been washed with pesticides before the purchase can go.

Watts Premier 531130 Filter-Pure UF-3 3-Stage Water Filtration System runs low water pressure and locks and removes all tiny chemical particles that are passed through from the water. The Watts Premier 531130 Filter-Pure UF-3 3-Stage Water Filtration System is available to purchase online or through local hardware retailers, along with giving the gift of clean water to a loved one.

Aquasana EQ-300 Rhino 3-Year, 300,000 Gallon Whole House Water Filter Review

I have heard almost everybody in our area being distressed and constantly complaining about skin rashes, irritations, and other complaints caused by hard water. I, myself, faced a lot of troubles due to full of hard muck water in our taps. After doing a little research, I listed out the names of filtration systems in the market, which can solve my problems. Trust me; it was very daunting in the beginning until I found Rhino EQ-300 Whole House Water Filtration System.

What fascinated me at the start was its compact and attractive design. People who complain about the odor in water usually prefer Rhino as the water taste gets superb just after installation. All you need is to follow the instructions carefully. One of them says to change the filter candles every six months to help this system work effectively. Because they want you to spend on filter candles, but because of the dirt that gets deposited in them. Make sure that before changing the filter candles, there is no water in your pipes and just take care of the fact that you don’t get wet floors during this procedure. People who are thinking that changing these candles will be trouble, believe me, it is for our good health.

Rhino EQ-300 Whole House Water Filtration System has an easy installation system, and tank replacement is trouble-free. This feature is not only a substitute for hard water but also an alternative to all the dirt and muck. The water filtration system efficiently reduces the scale from water, eventually resulting in a good water taste. I have seen major health problems and other epidemics resulting due to contaminants present in water. Also, the cooks who use tap water for rinsing food products such as vegetables or fruits and also who boil rice from tap water are calling danger for the health of their family members.

Rhino EQ-300 Whole House Water Filtration System significantly reduces the contaminants from water, including chlorine, metals, pesticides, and herbicides. I live in an area with heavy sediments around. So, using a filtration system was more like a necessity. Instead of spending on bottled water and running after ineffective filtration systems and the expensive filter candles which need to be changed very often, I preferred going for Rhino. This one comes with a three-year warranty on the tanks and 90 days of satisfaction guarantee. However, people just stick to this water filtration system, and I believe that there is no need for the satisfaction guarantee time period.

I believe that this one is a great investment for the sake of the health of you and your family members. You will simply get rid of all skin rashes and irritations occurring due to contaminants in water. Moreover, the stains on dishes and glasses will vanish immediately, and also; water can be used for drinking. It is always nice to know that you have dirt-free, hygienic, and tasty water coming out of your taps, which is safe enough to drink.

Nuvo H2O Dphb-a Home Water Softener System Review

I have been looking for water softening systems in the market, but the size did not satisfy me much. Recently, living in a flat and experiencing a major problem with hard water in our building, I wanted a system with a compact size and efficient work. All my family members have sensitive skin and complain about skin rashes very often. After my doctor recommended, I get a water softening system at home and avoid all these skin and health problems.

The nuvoH2O Home Complete Water Softening System is one of the best options as a water softening system. It has a compact design that is suitable for condos, small areas, and apartments. People prefer this in houses as well due to its unique design. The unique features of nuvoH2O are listed below.

  • It requires no salt
  • This product does not use electricity
  • Mo magnets are used.
  • This system is shockingly small in size. 5 x 24 size is simply remarkable.

This water softening system is efficient at removing scale from appliances and fixtures. I loved the fact that this system comes with everything needed and does not require a separate holding tank or electricity. The best part about this system is a 90-day money-back guarantee and lifetime warranty. That’s what a new customer demands; however, after buying the nuvoH2O Home Complete Water Softening System, no one wishes to get rid of this product. Most of the people buy this product with the thought of a money-back guarantee, and I have seen a majority of them canceling their plan of returning the product.

The nuvoH2O Home Complete Water Softening System maintains the pH level of water. It makes sure that the ions that result in hard water are removed effectively from the water, especially the contaminants. It is not new in the market. This water softener system is designed from about 30 years of experience. This product uses electro-magnetic waves that make it hard for mineral deposits to attach to anything, so this one is suitable for those who are eco-conscious. There was an obvious reduction in the quantity of scale or stains in toilets and under faucets.

I have seen the recommendations for this product, and they are true. People get satisfied with this product easily as it works well at low water pressure as well. Surprisingly, it made our dishwashers work, and all the scale and dirt around the glasses and rigid stains on our dishes got removed easily.

The best part about this water softener system is the savings. I use less soap during laundry and washing. Moreover, everybody comes out satisfied with the water after a shower. No clogged hair and no rough skin, it also makes the shaving easier. Everybody loves the taste of water, and there is no need for bottled water. nuvoH2O Home Complete Water Softening System is the best choice for all of them who complain about hard and contaminated water.

Aquios AQFS220 Full House Salt-Free Water Softener and Filter System Review

I had first considered installing a water softener system when my husband and I purchased our home nine years ago. Typical that with the stress and the million things we had to sort out when buying a new house, We postponed it for later. I finally convinced my husband that it was a time when I noticed that the shower heads were starting to become obstructed by mineral deposits that the hard water had left behind. I live in South Dakota, and while most of us get used to dealing with the consequences of hard water, we finally woke up to the fact that replacing faucets, showerheads, and buying cleaners to remove the limescale would cost us more over time. We were kind of lost as to which softener system to install, so we called our plumber to see if he could recommend one. He pointed us to the Aquios Full House Water Softener and Filter system and several other salt-based types such as the Home Master water softener, which runs anywhere from $700 to $900. After comparing prices and total upkeep, we finally decided this was the right water softener system for us.

Even though I do buy bottled water, my husband has no problem drinking straight from the faucet, so for dietary reasons, we decided against the salt-based water filter systems. The plumber also explained to us what differences to expect once our filter system was installed. Things I didn’t even think could be affected by hard water, like how long our clothes keep their color without looking faded was news to me. At the time, I was more concerned with the shower heads that were clogging up with gunk completely oblivious to the fact that the South Dakota hard water was also messing with something as trivial as my laundry & Dishes.

It has been about four months now, and we have not yet needed to change out the filter. We have noticed some changes, specifically where laundry and showers are concerned. Luckily the changes are advantageous since we are using fewer amounts of cleaning products, which means our savings will add up in the long run. I am so happy with the Aquios Full House Water Softener and Filter system that I constantly recommend it to whoever will listen. I think that it does an amazing job for the price at which it is sold and for the time being, it has been one of the better investments we have made thus far for our home. I hope it continues to be as efficient as it has been so far, I couldn’t be happier with the results so far achieved since the installation. I am not one to rave about stuff concerned with plumbing, but I highly recommend this product if you are considering switching to soft water. You will appreciate the difference using soft water makes in your daily chores, and this is the system to do it.

Eddy Electronic Water Descaler – Water Softener Alternative Review

Throughout my lifetime, I have heard people talking about, actually complaining about, the hard water in their taps. Ladies usually whine about the roughness of their skin and clogged hair after shower due to the hard water. I have seen men complaining about the disgusting taste of water and difficulty in shaving because of hard water. The list of disadvantages of hard water is quite detailed. Hence, to solve this problem, different alternatives are offered in the market.
One of them is Eddy Electronic Descaler Water Softener Alternative. Before starting with the detail of its features, let me tell you that the installation of this device is very easy, and it will not take hours of a wait before working. Adding to the surprise, it comes with a 12-month money-back guarantee and also a lifetime repair or replace guarantee. This part has always fascinated the customers since repairing these kinds of devices has always been troublesome. Thanks to the Eddy electronic descaler, we no longer have this problem.

Features and benefits of Eddy Electronic Descaler Water Softener Alternative

  • A great reduction is observed in the limescale in water. This one turns out to be a better choice as compared to no saltwater alternative.
  • Eddy electronic descaler can be the best option as it does not wipe away all the valuable and useful effects of water, such as calcium. In short, the benefitting effect of water stays over there, and Eddy takes away all the trouble-causing features of hard water.
  • This water alternative is good for those who watch out their sodium intake.
  • The great Eddy Electronic Descaler can be fitted by any local person and ending up the cost of a plumber.
  • This product uses electro-magnetic waves that make it hard for mineral deposits to attach to anything, so this device is suitable for those who are eco-conscious.
  • This highly recommended device solves all your problems resulting due to hard water. This one includes constant stains on dishes and glasses due to the roughness in water and also rigid deposits on the exterior of pipes and dark stains on faucet and sink.
  • The amazing design of Eddy that strains, conditions, and eradicate scale without disturbing water pressure and call for no programming, electricity, or regular maintenance
  • This product is not only used at home but is also preferred in hotels and other business areas because of its high competence and efficiency.

Eddy is not new in the market. It is serving its customers from homes and also businesses around about 15 years. This service is highly due to the warranty. However, in a good number of cases, people recommend it as an easy alternative as compared to the traditional water softeners. Except for Iron and lead, this works on all types of water pipes. It works very rapidly, and within a short time, the rusting from pipes vanishes away. Hence, Eddy Electronic Descaler Water Softener Alternative is the best choice for the people who have had a fair share of dealing with hard water.

Clearwave 46100000 Field CW-125 Review

A huge population in this world would have a fair share in dealing with hard water while traveling from places to places. I, myself, have observed a lot about the difference like water while living in several areas in my home state, as well as a couple of other states. Especially those who have different skin allergies and also the ones with sensitive skin cannot afford to use hard water at home. I am sure that you all will have several options related to water softeners. I have done a little research too, and my favorite one is the Clearwave Electronic Water Softener System. Trust me, this wasn’t an easy task, but after using the Clearwave, I knew I had found the right product for me. This water softener system has a bundle of features that I’m about to cover.

Features of Clearwave Electronic Water Softener System

  • The water softener system removes the scale build-up and makes sure that it works on both hot and cold water systems. This one ends up the trouble of the water softeners not working at alternating temperatures.
  • It uses electro-magnetic-magnetic waves, which makes it difficult for mineral deposits to stick to anything, which is also a very eco friendly.
  • It consumes less soap, which means the cost is minimal on every single feature of this system.
  • This water softener system removes the scale automatically from pipes without any break, and there is no need to keep a constant check on the system.
  • Costs about 5$ electricity per year, which is nothing as compared to the benefits of the water softener.
  • A noticeable reduction is seen in the number of stains or scale under the faucets or toilers. It gets easier to swab the metal and glass surfaces.
  • An 18-month manufacturer’s limited warranty is given along with the product.

The change will be observed after using the Clearwave Electronic Water Softener System. The huge problem of hard water resulting in various skin allergies and a problem for soft skin will be solved easily. Even after a shower, your skin will be less irritating, soft, and glowing, and hair will not get clogged very early. Moreover, the constant stains on dishes and sinks will just vanish from your house. Even while brushing your teeth and mouth-washing, you will realize that water tastes better than before. Not only this. This water softener will also make shave during shower trouble-free. This highly developed, the Clearwave Softener System has unlimited benefits. You will notice that the amount of detergent you use during laundry will reduce automatically. This situation means that the purity of water will be enough with a small amount of detergent to clean your clothes.

However, this electronic water softener takes time to adjust and deal with the hard water of your house. This anti-scale device is easily available at a low price. Luckily, the level of maintenance required by this product is zero and keeps the pipes of your house well from inside.

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